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Springfield Trapdoor Reference

Scans from the Flayderman's guide

These pages will take a while to load, the Information however is very usefull.

mod1861 percussion rifle-musket

mod1861 cont.

1861 cont.   1861 special contract rifle-musket

mod1863 rifle-musket type I and Type II  /  1863 US double rifle-musket

Lindner alteration  /  Merril alteration

Miller mod1861 50cal conversion  /  Morse centerfire alteration  /  Montstorm conversion

Needham mod1861 rifle conversion / Peabody conversion to breechloading / Roberts mod1861/63 rifle-musket conversions

Joslyn breechloading rifle  /  Allin conversion mod1865 rifle

Allin coversion mod1866 rifle  aka  Second Allin conversion / mod1867 US cadet rifle / mod1868 US cadet rifle / mod1868 US springfield rifle

mod1869 US cadet rifle  /  mod 1870 US "trapdoor" springfield rifle and carabine /  Intro to Springfield trapdoor Cal 45-70

mod 1873 US "trapdoor" rifle, carabine and cadet rifle

mod1873 cont.  /  mod1875 US "trapdoor" officer's rifle  /  mod1877 US "trapdoor" rifle, carabine and cadet rifle

mod1879 US "trapdoor" rifle, carabine and cadet rifle  /  mod1880 US "trapdoor"

mod1881 US "trapdoor" shotgun  aka  Forager  /  mod1881 US "trapdoor" marksman rifle  /  mod1881 US "trapdoor" longrange rifle

mod1882 expirimental US "trapdoor" rifle  /  mod 1884 US "trapdoor"rifle, carabine and cadet rifle  /  mod1884 expirimental "trapdoor" rifle with ramrod-bayonet

mod1886 expirimental "trapdoor" carabine  /  mod1888 US "trapdoor" rifle  /  mod1888 expirimental US "trapdoor" rifle  /  so-called mod 1890 US "trapdoor" rifle

expirimental 30 caliber "trapdoor" springfield  /  "trapdoor" springfield fencing muskets  /  Metcalfe expirimental Ctg block attachment

1883-1884 lock dated trapdoor rifles