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Site News

Latest Site News

19 may 2001   Added the reference section ( still slow download.. try to improve that in the future updates )

30 April 2001   Added 1875 rifle, 1877 carabine, 1881 forager, 1880, 1882 and 1886 rifle info and some more photo's

08 Dec 2000     Splitted the "models and description" page into a "description" page and the "Photo" page.  Made the Trapdoor Description more detailed. Added m1866 info and pictures in the photo page

01 Dec 2000     Filled the shooting section with info about the Buffington sight , and added pictures on several pages  

04 April 1999     Added a shooting section basic layout. I will add the information later. I recently got some interesting information about the usage of the sights of the Trapdoor. I try to translate it to an readable text.

26 March 1999
   I updated the Technical info section of my page

22 March 1999
   Added information to the reloading section of the page but is still not completed.

15 March 1999
   I'm working on the reloading section of this site.

11 March 1999
   I added some new information and extra models pages. And in the near future i will add the shooters section of The Springfield Trapdoor Info Page.